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The WHILE...WEND statement is used to repeat a block of statements while the condition is met.


WHILE condition


  • condition is a numeric expression used to determine if the loop will execute.
  • statements will execute repeatedly while condition is a non-zero value.
  • EXIT WHILE can be used for emergency exits from the loop.
  • Use _CONTINUE to skip the remaining lines in the iteration without leaving the loop.
  • A DO...LOOP can use the same DO WHILE condition to get the same results.
  • WHILE loops only run if the WHILE condition is True.

Relational Operators:
Symbol Condition Example Usage
= Equal IF a = b THEN
<> NOT equal IF a <> b THEN
< Less than IF a < b THEN
> Greater than IF a > b THEN
<= Less than or equal IF a <= b THEN
>= Greater than or equal IF a >= b THEN


Example 1: Reading an entire file. Example assumes the program has a file opened as #1

OPEN "Readme.txt" FOR INPUT AS #1 WHILE NOT EOF(1) _LIMIT 1 'limit line prints to one per second LINE INPUT #1, text$ IF INKEY$ = CHR$(27) THEN EXIT WHILE 'ESC key exits PRINT text$ WEND

Example 2: Clearing the keyboard buffer.


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