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Template is a literal or variable string using the following formatting characters:

& Prints an entire string value. Length should be limited as template width will vary.
\ Denotes the start and end point of a fixed string area with spaces between(LEN = spaces + 2).
! Prints only the leading character of a string value.
# Denotes a numerical digit. An appropriate number of digits should be used for values received.
^^^^ Prints a numerical value in exponential format.
. Denotes a number's decimal point position. Also determines value accuracy.
, Placed to left of decimal point, prints a comma every 3 places left of the decimal point.
+ Denotes position of the number's sign.
- Placed after the number, displays the number's sign after the number (negative only).
$$ Prints a dollar sign immediately before the highest non-zero digit position of the numerical value.
** Prints an asterisk in any leading empty spaces of a numerical value. Specifies 2 extra digit positions.
**$ Combines ** and $. Negative values will display minus sign to left of $.
_ Underscore prints the next character as a literal string value instead of a format symbol
Note: Any string character not listed above will be printed as a literal character.