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The _TITLE statement sets the program window's title-bar text.


_TITLE text$


  • text$ can be any literal or variable STRING value.


  • The title bar will display "Untitled" if a title is not set with this statement.
  • The title of created $CONSOLE windows can be set using _CONSOLETITLE.
  • Note: A delay may be required before the title can be set. See _SCREENEXISTS.


Example 1: How to set the program window's title-bar text.

_TITLE "My New Program"

Example 2: How to find the currently running program module name and current path using a Windows API Library.

_TITLE "My program" _DELAY 5 '5 second delay _TITLE MID$(TITLE$, 1, INSTR(TITLE$, ".") - 1) PRINT PATH$ FUNCTION TITLE$ '=== SHOW CURRENT PROGRAM SHARED PATH$ DECLARE LIBRARY 'Directory Information using KERNEL32 provided by Dav FUNCTION GetModuleFileNameA (BYVAL Module AS LONG, FileName AS STRING, BYVAL nSize AS LONG) END DECLARE FileName$ = SPACE$(256) Result = GetModuleFileNameA(0, FileName$, LEN(FileName$)) IF Result THEN PATH$ = LEFT$(FileName$, Result) start = 1 DO posit = INSTR(start, PATH$, "\") IF posit THEN last = posit start = posit + 1 LOOP UNTIL posit = 0 TITLE$ = MID$(PATH$, last + 1) PATH$ = LEFT$(PATH$, last) ELSE TITLE$ = "": PATH$ = "" END IF END FUNCTION

Note: The actual module file name is returned. Not necessarily the Title value. The value returned can be used however.

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