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The _RGB function returns the closest palette attribute index OR the 32 bit color value in 32 bit screens only.

colorindex& = _RGB(red, green, blue[, image_handle])

  • The value returned is either the closest color attribute number or a 32 bit LONG color value.
  • red& specifies the red component intensity.
  • green& specifies the green component intensity.
  • blue& specifies the blue component intensity.
  • Valid component intensity values range from 0 (no intensity; color not present) to 255 (full intensity).
  • Values outside the valid range are clipped.

Example: Converting the color port RGB intensity palette values 0 to 63 to 32 bit hexadecimal values.

SCREEN 12 DIM hex32$(15) FOR attribute = 1 TO 15 OUT &H3C7, attribute 'set color attribute to read red = INP(&H3C9) * 4 'convert port setting to 32 bit values grn = INP(&H3C9) * 4 blu = INP(&H3C9) * 4 hex32$(attribute) = HEX$(_RGB32(red, grn, blu)) 'always returns the 32 bit value COLOR attribute PRINT "COLOR" + STR$(_RGB(red, grn, blu)) + " = &H" + hex32$(attribute) 'closest attribute NEXT

Note: This procedure also shows how the returns from _RGB and _RGB32 differ in a non-32 bit screen mode.

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