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:<code>{{Parameter|colorindex}} = {{KW|_RGB}}({{Parameter|red}}, {{Parameter|green}}, {{Parameter|blue}}[, {{Parameter|image_handle}}])</code>
:{{Parameter|colorindex}} = {{KW|_RGB}}({{Parameter|red}}, {{Parameter|green}}, {{Parameter|blue}}[, {{Parameter|image_handle}}])

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The _RGB function returns the closest palette index or 32 bit color value.

colorindex = _RGB(red, green, blue[, image_handle])

  • red& specifies the red component intensity.
  • green& specifies the green component intensity.
  • blue& specifies the blue component intensity.
  • Valid component intensity values range from 0 (no intensity; color not present) to 255 (full intensity).
  • Values outside the valid range are clipped.

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