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The _MAPUNICODE function returns the Unicode(UTF32) code point value of a mapped ASCII character code.

Syntax: UTFvalue& = _MAPUNICODE(Ascii_code%)

  • The UTF32 values have 4 byte encoding so the return variable should be LONG.
  • The Ascii_code can be any INTEGER value from 0 to 255.
  • Returns can be used to verify or catalog the present Unicode mapping.
  • The function will return Unicode values for the control characters, CHR$(127) and extended characters without mapping them first.

Example: Store function return values in an array for ASCII codes 0 to 255 to restore them later.

DIM Array&(255) SCREEN 0 _FONT _LOADFONT("C:\Windows\Fonts\Cour.ttf", 20, "MONOSPACE") 'select monospace font FOR code = 0 TO 255 Array&(code) = _MAPUNICODE(code) 'read Unicode values PRINT Array&(code); 'display values in demo NEXT 'rest of program END

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