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Line numbers or line labels are used to denote GOTO, RUN or GOSUB procedure lines or all code lines as in GW Basic.


600: GOTO {line number| line label}
DATA 0, 0, 12, 12, 14, 12, 12, 0, 0

  • Line numbers or labels are used to denote a specific line of code with a colon when separating it from a code line.
  • GOSUB or DATA block line labels can be numerical or text line names. RESTORE can use the label to reuse data.
  • GOSUB blocks require a RETURN to return to the original call or to a line label or number to return to.
  • ON ERROR GOTO line label or number calls use RESUME NEXT or a line label or number to resume to.
  • GOTO or RUN can refer to a specific numerical line number or text line label.
  • Line numbers are no longer required in QB or QB64 except for GOSUB, RUN or GOTO situations!

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