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The _LASTAXIS function returns the number of axis a specified number INPUT device on your computer has.


axisCount% = _LASTAXIS(deviceNumber)


  • Returns the number of axis that can be read on a specified device number within the number of _DEVICES found.
  • A valid number can be sent to the _AXIS function to find any relative axis movements.
  • The devices are listed in a numerical order determined by the OS and can be read by the DEVICE$ function.
  • The _DEVICES function must be read before using _LASTAXIS or an "Illegal Function Call" error will occur.
  • Devices include keyboard(1), mouse(2), joysticks, game pads and multiple stick game controllers.


Example: Checking for the system's input devices and number of axis.

devices = _DEVICES 'MUST be read in order for other 2 device functions to work! PRINT "Number of input devices found ="; devices FOR i = 1 TO devices PRINT _DEVICE$(i) IF INSTR(_DEVICE$(i), "[AXIS]") THEN PRINT "Axis:"; _LASTAXIS(i) NEXT

Number of input devices found = 2 [KEYBOARD][BUTTON] [MOUSE][BUTTON][AXIS][WHEEL] Axis: 2

Note: The STRIG/STICK commands won't read from the keyboard or mouse device the above example lists.

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