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The KILL statement deletes a file on a relative path designated by a STRING value or variable.

Syntax: KILL filespec$

  • Filespec is a literal or variable string path and filename. Wildcards * and ? can be used but be careful!
  • Path can be relative to program's current location or use an absolute path from the root drive.
  • KILL cannot remove an OPEN file. The program MUST CLOSE it first.
  • If the path or file does not exist, a "File not found" or "Path not found" error will result.
  • SHELL "DEL /Q " + filename$ does the same without a prompt or verification for wildcard deletions.
  • SHELL "DEL /P " + filename$ will ask for user verification.
  • WARNING: Use this statement carefully! There is no prompt for permission to continue and deletes are permanent!


KILL "C:\Qbasic\data\2000data.dat"

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