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''See also:'' [[DEFINT]], [[DEFDBL]], [[DEFLNG]], [[DEFSTR]], [[_DEFINE]]
''See also:''  
* [[DEFINT]], [[DEFDBL]], [[DEFLNG]], [[DEFSTR]]
* [[_DEFINE]]
[[Keyword_Reference_-_Alphabetical|Go to Keyword Reference - Alphabetical]]
[[Keyword Reference - By usage|Go to Keyword Reference - By usage]]

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The DEFSNG statement defines all designated undefined variables AS SINGLE variables.

Syntax: DEFSNG firstletters

  • The variable first letters can be from A-Z or any other range.
  • You can also use commas for specific untyped variable first letters.
  • Variables DIMensioned as another variable type or that use type suffixes are not defined otherwise.
  • Qbasic's IDE may add DEFSNG before any new SUB or Function also(you can change or remove them if needed).
  • DEFSNG is normally the Qbasic default assignment for undefined variables anyhow.

Example: DEFSNG A-D, S

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