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The _DEFAULTCOLOR function returns the current default text color for an image handle or page.


result& = _DEFAULTCOLOR [(imageHandle&)]


  • If imageHandle& is omitted, it is assumed to be the current write page or image designated by _DEST.
  • If imageHandle& is an invalid handle, an invalid handle error occurs. Check handle values first!
  • Default foreground colors: SCREEN 0 = 7, SCREEN 1 and 10 = 3, SCREEN 2 and 11 = 1. All other SCREENs = 15.

Example: The default color is the color assigned to the text foreground. The SCREEN 12 default is COLOR 15.

SCREEN 12 OUT &H3C8, 0: OUT &H3C9, 63: OUT &H3C9, 63: OUT &H3C9, 63 'assign background RGB intensities OUT &H3C8, 8: OUT &H3C9, 0: OUT &H3C9, 0: OUT &H3C9, 0 'assign RGB intensities to COLOR 8 _PRINTMODE _KEEPBACKGROUND COLOR 8 'assign color 8 to text foreground PRINT "The default color is attribute"; _DEFAULTCOLOR

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