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CLOSE closes an open file or port using the number(s) assigned in an OPEN statement.


CLOSE [fileNumber[, ...]]


  • fileNumber indicates the file or list of file numbers to close. When not specified, all open files are closed.


  • A file must be closed when changing to another file mode.
  • CLOSE files when they are no longer needed, in order to save memory.
  • Files cannot be opened in the same OPEN mode using another number until the first one is closed.
  • Use holding variables for each file number returned by FREEFILE so that the file reference is known.
  • Will not return an error if a filenumber is already closed or was never opened. It does not verify that a file was closed.
  • CLEAR can be used to close all open files.
  • CLOSE can also be used to close an open TCP/IP connection using a handle returned by QB64.

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