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The _CLIPBOARD$ statement copies the STRING value into the system clipboard.


_CLIPBOARD$ = string_expression$


  • string_expression$ is the string value to be sent to the clipboard.
  • The string value will replace everything previously in the clipboard.
  • Assemble long text into one string variable value before using this statement.
  • Add CHR$(13) + CHR$(10) CRLF characters to move to a new clipboard line.
  • When copying text files, end line CRLF characters 13 and 10 do not have to be added.
  • Numerical values can be converted to strings using STR$, _MK$, MKI$, MKL$, MKS$, MKD$, HEX$ or OCT$.
  • The clipboard can be used to copy, paste and communicate between running programs.


Example: Set 2 lines of text in the clipboard using a carriage return to end text lines

DIM CrLf AS STRING * 2 'define as 2 byte STRING CrLf = CHR$(13) + CHR$(10) 'carriage return & line feed _CLIPBOARD$ = "This is line 1" + CrLf + "This is line 2" PRINT _CLIPBOARD$ 'display what is in the clipboard

This is line 1 This is line 2

Note: The text in the clipboard could also be sent to a file using PRINT #1 _CLIPBOARD$.

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