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The _CLIPBOARDIMAGE function pastes an image from the clipboard into a new 32-bit image in memory.


newImageHandle& = _CLIPBOARDIMAGE


  • When the paste operation is successful, newImageHandle& will be < -1. Handle values of -1 or 0 indicate that there wasn't an image in the clipboard or that the format wasn't accepted.
  • Use _FREEIMAGE to free the memory used by newImageHandle& when it's no longer needed by your program.
  • Not available in Linux or macOS.


  • Build 20170906/64 and up.


Example: Monitoring the clipboard for new images copied from other programs:

SCREEN _NEWIMAGE(800, 600, 32) DO CLS COLOR _RGB32(177, 177, 177) PRINT "Monitoring clipboard..." IF img& < -1 THEN _FREEIMAGE img& img& = _CLIPBOARDIMAGE IF img& < -1 THEN PRINT "Image found:" COLOR _RGB32(255, 255, 255) PRINT "Width :"; _WIDTH(img&) PRINT "Height:"; _HEIGHT(img&) w = _WIDTH / 2 - _WIDTH(img&) / 2 IF w < 0 THEN w = 0 _PUTIMAGE (w, CSRLIN * _FONTHEIGHT), img& ELSE PRINT "No image found." END IF _DISPLAY _LIMIT 10 LOOP

Code by Fellippe Heitor

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