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CALL ABSOLUTE is used to access interrupts on the computer or execute assembly type procedures.


CALL ABSOLUTE([argumentList,] integerOffset)

Legacy support

  • CALL ABSOLUTE is implemented to support older code and is not recommended practice. To handle mouse input, the use _MOUSEINPUT and related functions.


  • CALL and parameter brackets are required in the statement.
  • argumentList contains the list of arguments passed to the procedure.
  • integerOffset contains the offset from the current code segment, set by DEF SEG and SADD, to the starting location of the called procedure.
  • QB64 has the ABSOLUTE statement built in and requires no external library, like QuickBASIC did.
  • NOTE: QB64 does not support INT 33h mouse functions above 3 or BYVAL in an ABSOLUTE statement. Registers are emulated.

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