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$INCLUDE is a metacommand that is used to insert a source code file into your program which is then executed at the point of the insertion.


{REM | ' } $INCLUDE: sourceFile


  • QBasic metacommands must be commented with REM or an apostrophe.
  • The sourceFile name must be enclosed in apostrophes and can include a path.
  • $INCLUDE is often used to add functions and subs from an external text QBasic code library.
  • The $INCLUDE metacommand should be the only statement on a line.

How to $INCLUDE a BAS or Text file with a QB64 Program

  • Assemble the code to be reused into a file.
  • Common extensions are .BI (for declarations, usually included in the beginning of a program) or .BM (with SUBs and FUNCTIONs, usually included at the end of a program).
    • Any extension can be used, as long as the file contains code in plain text (binary files are not accepted).
  • $INCLUDE any DIM, CONST, SHARED arrays or DATA at the beginning of the main program code.
  • $INCLUDE SUBs or FUNCTIONs at the bottom of the main program code after any SUB procedures.
  • Compile the program.
  • Note: Once the program is compiled, the included text files are no longer needed with the program EXE.



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