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''Example:'' ''' ' $INCLUDE:''' '[[QB.BI]]'
''Example:'' ''' ' $INCLUDE:''' '[[QB.BI]]'
''See Example:'' [[SelectScreen]] ($INCLUDE demo)

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$INCLUDE is a metacommand that is used to insert a source file into your program which is then executed at the point of the insertion.

Syntax: {REM | ' } $INCLUDE: 'sourcefile'

  • There must always be a REM or ' comment before the $INCLUDE metacommand.
  • The source file MUST have REM or apostrophies around the name.
  • The source file included can contain any BASIC statement except SUB or GOTO
  • QB 4.5 can use SUB calls in BI files such as QB.BI.
  • QB64 users can use all statements in their include files.
  • The $INCLUDE metacommand should be the only statement on a line since execution progresses after the line of the metacommand.
  • $INCLUDE is often used to DECLARE functions and subs used in an external library.

Example: ' $INCLUDE: 'QB.BI'

See Example: SelectScreen ($INCLUDE demo)

See also: INTERRUPT, INTERRUPTX, Metacommand

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