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The EXP math function calculates the exponential function (e raised to the power of a numericExpression).


result = EXP(numericExpression)


  • e is defined as the base of natural logarithms or as the limit of (1 + 1 / n) ^ n, as n goes to infinity.
  • The numericExpression must be less than or equal to 88.02969 or an "overflow" error will occur.
  • Value returned is e to the exponent parameter (e = 2.718282 approximately).
  • Values returned are SINGLE by default but will return DOUBLE precision if the result is a variable of type DOUBLE.
  • Positive exponent values indicate the number of times to multiply e by itself.
  • Negative exponent values indicate the number of times to divide by e. Example: e-3 = 1 / e3 = 1 / (e * e * e)

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