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The _SHR function is used to shift the bits of a numerical value to the right.


result = _SHR(numericalVariable, numericalValue)


  • numericalVariable is the variable to shift the bits of and can be of the following types: INTEGER, LONG, _INTEGER64, or _BYTE.
  • Integer values can be signed or _UNSIGNED.
  • numericalValue the number of places to shift the bits.
  • While 0 is a valid value it will have no affect on the variable being shifted.


  • Allows for division of a value by 2 faster than normal division (see example 2 below).
  • Bits that reach the end of a variables bit count are dropped.
  • The type of variable used to store the results should match the type of the variable being shifted.
  • NOTE: When dealing with SIGNED variables, shifting the bits right will leave the sign bit set. This is due to how C++ deals with bit shifting under the hood.


  • Version 1.3 and up.


Example 1:

A~%% = 128 'set left most bit of an_UNSIGNED _BYTE PRINT A~%% PRINT _SHR(A~%%,7) PRINT _SHR(A~%%,8) 'shift the bit off the right 'edge'

128 1 0

Example 2:

A~%% = 128 FOR I%% = 0 TO 8 PRINT _SHR(A~%%, I%%) NEXT I%%

128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 0

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