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The RSET statement right-justifies a string according to length of the string expression.


RSET string_variable = string_expression

  • If the string_expression is longer than a fixed length string variable the value is truncated from the right side in LSET or RSET.
  • If the string_expression is smaller than the fixed length, spaces will occupy the extra positions in the string.
  • RSET can be used with a FIELD or TYPE string definition to set the buffer position before a PUT.


CLS DIM thestring AS STRING * 10 PRINT "12345678901234567890" RSET thestring = "Hello!" PRINT thestring anystring$ = SPACE$(20) RSET anystring$ = "Hello again!" PRINT anystring$ RSET thestring = "Over ten characters long" PRINT thestring

12345678901234567890 Hello! Hello Again! Over ten c

Explanation: Notice how "Hello!" ends at the tenth position because the length of thestring is 10. When we used SPACE$(20) the length of anystring$ became 20 so "Hello Again!" ended at the 20th position. That is right-justified. The last line "Over ten c" is truncated as it didn't fit into thestring's length of only 10 characters.

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