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The _PIXELSIZE function returns the color depth (Bits Per Pixel) of an image as 0 for text, 1 for 1 to 8 BPP or 4 for 32 bit.


pixelSize% = _PIXELSIZE[(imageHandle&)]


  • If imageHandle& is omitted, it is assumed to be the current write page.
  • Returns:
    • 0 if the image or screen page specified by imageHandle& is in text mode.
    • 1 if the image specified by imageHandle& is in 1 (B & W), 4 (16 colors) or 8 (256 colors) BPP mode.
    • 4 if the image specified is a 24/32-bit compatible mode. Pixels use three bytes, one per red, green and blue color intensity.
  • The SCREEN or _NEWIMAGE or _LOADIMAGE color mode (256 or 32) can influence the pixel sizes that can be returned.
  • If imageHandle& is an invalid handle, then an invalid handle error occurs.


Snippet: Saving Images for later program use. Handle values could be saved to an array.

handle1& = _Getimage(sx1, sy1, sx2, sy2, sourcehandle&) ' function call FUNCTION GetImage& (sx1, sy1, sx2, sy2, sourcehandle&) bytespp = _PIXELSIZE(sourcehandle&) IF bytespp = 4 THEN Pal = 32 ELSE IF bytespp = 1 THEN Pal = 256 ELSE EXIT FUNCTION h& = _NEWIMAGE(ABS(sx2 - sx1) + 1, ABS(sy2 - sy1) + 1, Pal) _PUTIMAGE (0, 0), sourcehandle&, h&, (sx1, sy1)-(sx2, sy2) 'image is not displayed GetImage& = h& END FUNCTION

Adapted from code by Galleon

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