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_FLOAT numerical values offer the maximum floating-point decimal precision available using QB64.


DIM variable AS _FLOAT


  • QB64 always allocates 32 bytes to store this value.
  • It is safe to assume this value is at least as precise as DOUBLE.
  • Under the current implementation it is stored in a 10-byte floating point variable.
  • _FLOAT variables can also use the ## variable name type suffix.
  • Values returned may be expressed using exponential or scientific notation using E for SINGLE or D for DOUBLE precision.
  • According to IEEE-754 this can store a value of up to 1.1897E+4932 compared to a DOUBLE which goes up to 1.7976E+308.
  • Floating decimal point numerical values cannot be _UNSIGNED.
  • Values can be converted to 32 byte ASCII strings using _MK$ and back with _CV.
  • When a variable has not been assigned or has no type suffix, the value defaults to SINGLE.
  • Note: OpenGL's _GL_FLOAT constant is a SINGLE (4 byte) floating point number, while a native QB64 _FLOAT is a 10-byte floating point number.

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