Getting started


When you download vWATCH64 you'll get three files: vwatch.bas, direntry.h and try-me.bas. Only the first two are essential, since try-me.bas is just a sample piece of code you can use to test vWATCH64.

Make sure direntry.h is in the same folder as QB64. Open and compile vwatch.bas and you're ready to start debugging your programs.

Processing your program

This is vWATCH64's main window:

Click on "<Open and Process .BAS>" to launch the file selector dialog:

Alternatively, in Windows, you can drag a .BAS file onto vwatch.exe to start processing.

You'll be prompted with the "Processing..." dialog:

The new file name vWATCH64 suggests is your original source name with .vwatch.bas as an extension. If a file with the same name already exists, it'll add (1), (2), etc, until it can create an output file without overwriting any existing files. You can also specify a different output file name with command line options.

Here you can:

After clicking ok, processing will start.

If you chose to launch interactive mode, you will see the following interface:

Here you can see all variables that vWATCH64 could read from your source file (all variables initialized with DIM, both in the main module or in procedures, as well as those initialized with STATIC in SUBs/FUNCTIONs and also SUB/FUNCTION parameters). Here you can select which variables will be available for watching when your program is run. Hitting F2 will select all of them. If there is a selection, you can use F3 to unselect all of them. You can also click each variable to select/unselect. You can also filter by scope, data type and variable name (change column to filter by hitting TAB/Shift+TAB), which is useful for programs with too many variables/arrays. In the screenshot above, variable names are selected to be filtered. Just start typing and the list is automatically filtered:

Here "FE" was typed and all variables starting with those letters are showing. Hitting F2 selects all of them. Clicking selects individual variables. ESC clears the filter and returns to the full list. Here's the full list with a few variables selected:

When you're happy with your selection, hit F5 to save and continue. If you don't want any variables, leave them all unselected and hit F5 to continue.

If you chose Compile, QB64 will be launched and try to compile the newly generated output file. If anything goes wrong, you'll have to compile the output yourself and then run the executable that will be generated. When your processed program is launched, you'll see the following screen:

This is your program waiting for your input. If you hit F8 it'll start being run line by line, and vWATCH64 will show you the next line that will be run (in this screen shot, next line to be run is line 16, indicated by a gray highlight and a right-facing arrow):

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