Getting started


When you download vWATCH64 from the GitHub repository you’ll get a few files, but the most important one (which you should compile) is  vwatch.bas; make sure that direntry.h is placed in your QB64 folder, or else compilation will fail.

If you grab the binary from the latest release page, just place it onto your QB64 folder and you’re good to go.

Processing your program

vWATCH64’s main window
Click on “<Open and Process .BAS>” to launch the file selector dialog.
Alternatively, in Windows, you can drag a .BAS file onto vwatch.exe to start processing.
Choose the output file name or accept vWATCH’s suggestion.
Here you can either add all variables from your project or click “Select from the list” to launch Interactive Mode.
In Interactive Mode you’ll get a list of all variables vWATCH was able to read from your program. Click the ones you want to be watchable later.
Alternatively, type to filter by variable name, scope or data type (use TAB to alternate between fields).
When you’re happy with the selection, hit F5 to save and continue (or click the equivalent button).
vWATCH64 will instruct QB64 to compile the debug project and after all is successful you will be presented with vWATCH64’s interface showing your project’s source code as well as the black screen above with instructions to start debugging your program.

Click here to proceed to Source View