Find those hard-to-squash bugs

You wrote your own code, you know what’s going on behind the scenes. But do you, really? What about those unexpected results you keep getting? What about the eventual crashing? Don’t you wish you could have a better way to debug it?

Well, pal, here’s vWATCH64!

vWATCH64 is a real-time debug/variable watch utility to help with programs written in QB64. vWATCH64 generates a modified version of your source file, allowing for breakpoints and real-time variable watch.

vWATCH64 is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux.

With vWATCH64 you can:

  • See your source code while your program is running. If ‘Trace’ is ON, the screen will automatically scroll to the next line that will be run.
  • Step through your code line by line with the F8 key. Follow the execution of your code to help you find those hard to squash bugs.
  • Set breakpoints with the F9 key.
  • In ‘Variables’ view, see the values of your variables as they’re changed in your program. The variables are highlighted as they’re used in your program.
  • Change variables from vWATCH64, so you can test your program in many different scenarios.
  • Set watchpoints and run your program until a variable holds a certain value (can use relational operators =, <, >, <>, <=, >=)
  • Resume execution after a breakpoint with the F5 key.