The QB64 Compiler and programs created with it make connections to QB64 servers under the following circumstances:

  • When updating help pages due to selecting the Help ⮕ Update Current Page or Help ⮕ Update All Pages, content is downloaded from;
  • When checking for QB64 updates due to selecting the Help ⮕ Check For Newer Version, content is downloaded from;
  • Programs that use the _CONNECTIONADDRESS$ function to determine their public IP address;

In these circumstances, the request carries no personal information beyond your public IP address, which is logged as part of regular website traffic. If this is unacceptable, please avoid using the built-in help updater, version updater, or the _CONNECTIONADDRESS$ function.

Any other system information collected by the QB64 compiler is kept locally on the computer and can be removed by deleting the QB64 directory.