Beta 7 is here!

InForm for QB64 Beta 7 brings a redesigned interface for an enhanced user experience as well as a handful of improvements, new functionality and bug fixes. Check out some of what’s new:

(Check out this video to *see* some of what’s new:

– Major interface overhaul, with control properties more easily accessible.

– Snap to edges feature improved to have controls detect each other snap by proximity.

– New auto-size feature for labels at design time.

– Right-click a button to “Set as default” so it can be triggered with Enter at runtime.

– New NumericTextBox control to get numeric input from your users without having to worry about validating its contents.

– The mask property can now be set and tested at design time so you can get user input in a specific format.

– Clipboard operations rewritten from the ground up: controls can now be copied, cut and pasted much more reliably. Copied controls now remain in memory even after a form or even InForm itself is closed, so that you can transfer controls between existing files easily.

– New SetFocus to change the focus to another control programmatically.

– InForm now attempts to preserve your existing code when you make edits, which makes it easier than ever to edit existing programs.

– To select multiple controls you can now click them while holding down the Ctrl key. You can now also use Shift to select a range of controls (click the first control, hold shift, then click the last control in the range you’d like to have selected at once).

– Menus items can be set to have a Bullet marker. Groups of menu items (separated by a hyphen) behave just like a group of Radio buttons in a form, allowing you to have options that mutually exclude each other in your menus.

– Right-click the form preview to “Add menu bar control”.

– Beta 7 now includes an online updater. Whenever a new version is made available at our server, you will be notified and asked to update; That means that Beta 7 is the last version of InForm you will have to manually download. Auto-updating can be disabled in the Options menu.

Grab the latest version at

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