A new approach to updates

The first public version of InForm, dubbed Beta 1, was made available after 4 months of coding, with constant input from several good friends who are usually lurking with me at the #qb64 channel on Freenode. Then, as the following year progressed, along came betas 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each new update brought some novelty and massive work on stability.

The work on beta 6 marked a new approach to updates. GitHub’s issues and milestones features have come in handy to allow me to list whatever I found in InForm that needed my attention as well as to keep my own wish list organized. Each new issue closed increases a progress bar that gets you closer to your goal and that’s a game changer.

The work on Beta 6 was already based on this approach. You can see here the list of issues that were addressed in order to reach Beta 6: https://github.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/milestone/1?closed=1

“Miles to go before I sleep…”

Current milestone has been labeled Beta 7 and I have a few issues to fix and a few new features to add. You can follow along as development goes at https://github.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/milestones.

Besides following you can also add issues and suggest new features at https://github.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/issues (make sure to have a look at the existing issues to see if your idea maybe has already made it to the wishlist.

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