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Now arriving at the home for the QB64 programming language.

About QB64:

QB64 is a modern extended BASIC+OpenGL language that retains QB4.5/QBasic compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows (XP and up), Linux and macOS (up to High Sierra).

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InForm Beta 8 is out:

Download the latest stable build (Version 1.2 changelog)

These downloads are considered stable, and are recommended if you want things to just work. After downloading you will need to run the setup script in the main folder. For ChromeOS, click the link below for instructions on how to use Chromebrew to get QB64 on your Chromebook.




Chrome OS

Development builds (code repository hosted on GitHub)

Unlike the stable builds above, these have had far less testing. Although we try our best, things may break. If you're adventurous, we encourage you to help us find bugs!

The Windows download comes with a prebuilt binary; Linux & MacOS users will need to run the setup script.

Windows (64-bit)



Alternatively, download a 32 bit version for Windows

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