Author Topic: QB64 Library - Applying for Your Project to be Added to the Library  (Read 131 times)

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Dear all members, there have been some changes to the QB64 Librarians, who comprise:

STAxTxIC ("Librarian")
Qwerkey - Library Cataloguer
bplus - Library consultant

The Library was set up by STAxTxIC, and he has had assistance from Qwerkey and bplus.  STAxTxIC has been completely busy with his non-QB64 activities for some time, and is effectively unavailable for Library work.  Qwerkey has had a year away from QB64 (medical condition), so the Library has been looked after by bplus.

I am pleased to say that I am back at QB64.  My skills in the Library are cataloguing (entering & editing Library posts), and I shall be the primary contact for your Library submission requests.  bplus's skills would be wasted on the purely administrative activity of cataloguing and he is at present very busy not only with his high-level QB64 activity but also with other priorities.

So please, if you wish to submit your programs for consideration for the Library, please Message me (@Qwerkey) or @Junior Librarian.  Thank you.