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InForm v1.2 released 🎃
« on: October 31, 2020, 10:18:54 AM »
Happy Halloween, y’all! No tricks: here’s the changelog of InForm v1.2, released today.

I’m adding to this list everything new since InForm beta 8, since that was the last public feature update (see that video).

Download it from

InForm's wiki:

You may not be able to update a previous version using the built-in updater due to recent core changes. If that's the case, please get the new installer from the link above.

New features:
- New binding feature for controls – bind controls’ properties so they affect each other at runtime automatically.
- New .BypassSelectOnFocus for TextBox controls.
- [Windows] You can now drag a picture onto the form you’re editing to add a PictureBox control.
- Added option to check for updates on demand (UiEditor).
- Added new development channel to enable receiving beta updates automatically.
- Added ability to set a Mask() for labels, following PRINT USING rules.
- The built-in VGA font is now selectable in the font list.
- ProgressBar controls can now have multi-line captions (with the SetCaption method, by using \n as a new line indicator).

- Controls can no longer get focus if they are in a hidden container.
- Hides blinking cursor in TextBox controls if the window is not active.
- Forms with GIF images with the AutoPlay setting are now properly loaded into the editor.
- Fixes “Division by zero” errors that occurred when manipulating an empty ListBox or DropdownList control.
- Fixes an error that would keep the font list stuck in TextBox mode when using built-in fonts.
- Adjusts communication between UiEditor and UiEditorPreview so they don’t timeout in some Linux distros.
- Fixes a bug that prevented loading forms with controls in frames.
- Fixes a bug that wouldn’t allow a user to “Retry” downloading when using the Setup or Updater.
- Fixes TextBox controls crashing programs when getting focus in some scenarios.
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