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Welcome to the Samples Gallery
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What's this about?
The purpose of the gallery is two-fold:
  • To provide a home for programs that would otherwise be lost to the ravages of time, allowing people to more easily view previous work.
  • To provide a repository of code that demonstrates the abilities of QB64, allowing a person to readily view the full majesty of its features.
How do programs get an entry here?
Currently the gallery is in a trial phase, where I (The Librarian) will be creating and managing the programs on display. Primary content sources are expected to be the, & Network54 forums. The QB64 samples folder, miscellaneous internet websites and submissions (see below) are expected to be secondary sources.

User submissions
The Librarian welcomes users nominating their own projects or those of others for consideration, via email. if your project is already hosted on the internet, just send through a link. Otherwise, the following info is required:
  • Project Name
  • Author Name (+ contact details, optionally)
  • Source code and any data files required to run it
  • Optionally, a screenshot. If you don't provide one I'll run the program and take a screenshot myself. I warn that I might not take the most flattering screenshot.
  • A description! Very important - tell us what your program is all about.
Conversely, I realise that (for whatever reason) people may not want their project hosted here. Given that all sources are already on the public internet I will generally not be asking for permission but any requests to remove a program will be honoured.

Criteria for inclusion
In the interests of maintaining a standard of quality, requests for inclusion will be evaluated on several aspects:
  • Most importantly: does it run? Programs must compile in the latest version of QB64. Platform-specific programs are fine, though submissions might like to mention this to avoid confusion. The Librarian reserves the right to make trivial edits to old programs if necessary (with a note) to allow compiling with newer QB64 versions.
  • Is the program non-trivial? Whilst we appreciate the efforts of beginners, Hello World and its ilk are generally not exceptable (on the other hand, if you output Hello World in spinning 3D text with fire animation, send it in!).
  • Is it clear what the program does? Including the description, a person running the program should be able to see what the program does. If you are just printing a table of numbers with no headings or explanation, your program may need further work.
  • Is the program original? We would like to avoid duplicates. This does not mean that only one edition of Conway's Game of Life should be present, but they shouldn't all look and behave exactly the same too.
... And finally, for those who are wondering why replies are disabled, I (The Librarian) refer you to Henry J. Kaiser:

When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.
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