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Re: Wiki accounts: apply here.
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That's the wiki link, yes.

The idea is not to post program samples or listings there. People who apply to have editing rights are supposed to help maintain the wiki regarding grammar, spelling and technical errors. And eventually improve upon the existing articles.

yes this would be a very good thing
also because all the programmers in this forum
they report the wik
help yourself with this site to programi as a source to help plan
i think every piece of code they try on wiki
they are documented in the wiki and each programmer is used to document himself because he cannot remember all the instructions
therefore it is a fundamental thing to keep it tidy and solve errors
maybe put programmers like @bplus @SMcNeill  @TempodiBasic   
I believe there are many experts here to help the site

ps.  today I believe that the translator does not translate well
here too it takes an improvement from google translator
se avessi solo un'ora per salvare il mondo, passerei 55 minuti per definire bene il problema e 5 a trovare la soluzione