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QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by TempodiBasic on Today at 08:56:03 PM »
Thanks because your links have brought some good news...
see here  2019 and 2020 VisualBasic  in 6 position!
and here your link of codecamp " 20 best programming languages for kids..."
at first there is BASIC
QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by Richard on Today at 07:15:35 PM »
Just wondering about this idea on mine (to help widen the QB64 user base).

I gather that @George McGinn and @Petr were referring to the "recently (2017-2018) revived (???) site"

QB64.not    [ don't go there ...]

not to be confused with my archives from the (2008 - 2016) site of a similar name that many here "enjoyed" and 'trusted" (the original 2008 site that is).

Although @odin  and @FellippeHeitor have not particularly shown interest in my archives (to "inject" into to "fill the void" regarding Network54 (was it ???) to - and so consequently which I have not been trying/offering to do so myself - I was thinking (the really dangerous part) of ...

From approximately 10,000 web pages of QB64.(2008-2016).net to start "uploading" the archives onto QB64.(2017-2018).net itself. Now on the assumption that either or both the QB64.not site is malicious (etc) and/or it is part of a big advertising campaign (to make money only) and/or perhaps it is just all a big "hoax" - if approached "carefully" by me - MAYBE the truth of the situation will eventually come out for all to see.

Now, for the sake of this reply, again "carefully" approaching QB64.not with the uploads - by careful modification of the uploads by me - effectively "advertise" (e.g. by way of links to, "popular QB64.not topics" (that maybe still Google et al still come up with in the searches)). The idea is to say use a site (QB64.not) which may be getting tons of $ from advertising, to mention

Of course, @odin  @FellippeHeitor  and many others here may not like the idea (to try out - fair enough) - and any advice regarding this "dangerous idea" would be appreciated (probably resulting in "don't go there...").

So it may be that one million (???) views per year to a "bogus" site could be potentially one million "redirects" to

Above is just a thought...

Thanks for reading this.

I wrote a program that performs a LOT of operations by running Windows command line utilities via SHELL commands. Because of this, I have simply been doing many basic file operations like copying and moving files using SHELL commands along with Windows COPY, MOVE, ROBOCOPY, etc.

However, it just seemed odd to me lately that I'm not seeing equivalent commands for these simple operations in QB64. It's entirely possible that I'm simply missing something. Could someone just tell me if I'm being obtuse here or is running commands like COPY, MOVE, etc. via SHELL the normal way to perform these operations?
My trick for no background is usually just:


0, in 32-bit mode, is 0 alpha, 0 red, 0 green, 0 blue — it’s transparent nothing!

Another quick trick is the polar opposite of that: COLOR -1

-1, in 32-bit mode, because of overflow calculations, is 255 alpha, 255 red, 255 green, 255 blue — it’s solid white!

-1 = bright white.
0 = transparent.  (Not to be confused with black, which has 255 alpha and not 0.)

Two quick values to easily pop in when are where needs.
QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by SpriggsySpriggs on Today at 06:31:55 PM »
@johnno56 Oh, definitely not. I'm trying not to promise any sort of schedule. I'm working on this in free time and I'm also learning as I go. This will be something you might not necessarily hear about again for quite some time.
Cool... Looks like I need to do some more 'help' surfing... lol

Thank you.

QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by johnno56 on Today at 05:52:31 PM »
One of the best ways to change perception is to 'show' people what your program can do... referring to QB64 and not 'Yellowjacket'.. (well, not yet...)

The one thing I like most of all about QB64 is the help system... Each command is explained and accompanied with examples... Cut and paste gold mine.
Just think how much more popular QB64 could be if, like you had inferred, a GitHub (or similar site) was purely dedicated to what QB64 can do... Not just games but multiple categories - I am not disregarding the Wiki page - but a site that "shows off" QB64's abilities... Seeing is believing...

Best of luck with Yelowjacket... Do you have a timetable set for the first release?

QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by SpriggsySpriggs on Today at 05:20:45 PM »
QB64 is expanding. Perhaps not in the ways that everyone likes or the speed they would hope for. I, too, wish it was more widespread and well-known. It never hurts to advertise it yourself. Make some GitHub repositories using QB64 code. Share your projects/tutorials on social media. Fork QB64 and make some radical changes. Personally, I'm doing a little something on the side (that will take an extremely long time) to rewrite QB64 as best I can in Python. I have named the project YellowJacket. I'm not going to share the project with anyone yet (except a closed group of people on Discord) so as to not steal away time and effort from people working on/with QB64. I'm going at a leisurely pace as well, so I expect it will take me a considerable amount of time to bring it to a point where I'd be comfortable sharing and testing it publicly.
QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 competitors... It is an hard life!
« Last post by johnno56 on Today at 04:54:28 PM »
This is my opinion... for what it is worth... QB64, like most other programming languages, will only continue if people's perception of it continues... Not necessarily its visibility... When I was a child, computers occupied a room, not a desktop. Programmers were put up on pedestals and looked up to... 1963 brings about Basic and the status of programmer is gradually shifting because of a programming language is designed with "Beginners" in mind. Since 1963, Basic, has been perceived as a language for Beginners. Like the way the military use 'basic' training, to acclimate enlistees, to the rigours of the military. 'That' kind of training is perceived as useful for beginners. Qbasic; Quickbasic; Visualbasic etc... are perceived by, not just programmers, as useful for beginners. So, regardless of the methods of advertising QB64, until we change people's 'perception' of Basic, it will be forever allocated to the hobbyist and beginner. Just a few thoughts...
.  I am curious also... How does keepbackground detect the colour of the background?

It doesn't. Without _KeepBackground, both characters and bg are drawn pixel by pixel. With _KeepBackground only letters are drawn, so it literally keeps the BG untouched.

You can also draw transparent letters and opaque BG with _PrintMode _OnlyBackground
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