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Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by bplus on Today at 12:14:14 PM »
Hi @Dav

Thanks, I look forward to seeing what you might do.

Guess I will let a cat out of the bag, the Christmas Word Search is program #2 I had planned for my Christmas Album. I really impressed myself with program #1. Tease, tease... ;-))
QB64 Discussion / Re: QB64 REPORT S02E05: Coding Styles
« Last post by bplus on Today at 11:19:51 AM »
Combining comments made here in Discussion Program and an old, old comment I read about using all CAP's for CONSTants, I am trying a new system of Capital letter start of all Globals or SHARED variables that I always have declared at start after CONSTs and TYPEs. That and I took to heart the comment of overuse? of just a couple of letters for variable names. Now I will try to at least be more descriptive with Global SHARED constants and variables but in little SUBs and FUNCTIONs or even that Main, I don't see it as necessary. It should be obvious in the context.

A little defensive: surely you guys know x, y, z for position coordinates w, h for width and height, maybe too r, c are short for row and column, mx, my, mb are mouse updates...

Now I can clearly see what variables are coming from 'nowhere' (the beginning of the program declared Globals) and know what they are from CAPs and better description.

Word Search Puzzle Builder is my first program with that style purposely imposed:

So if it reads better than my usual, it's from your influence here :)

Yes I agree that code should read as well as program functions, they could likely contribute to each other specially psychically for human creators. 

So Zack is Spriggsy, Dave is Cobalt and Bill looks a little like my room mate from college the semester I had my best GPA and who was a physics major also. I pictured Bill with Black hair, about every Bill I ever knew had Black hair, funny how wrong our imagination can be.
Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by Dav on Today at 11:17:15 AM »
Nice work!  I'm gonna play around with it.

- Dav
Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by bplus on Today at 10:49:43 AM »
Yes, I had posted work on Word Search 2 years ago:

And CBTJD was kind enough to post it properly at Rosetta this year in March:

Hey @CBTJD  are you still looking in? How's it going?

I don't know why I didn't then take the next obvious step and make a Puzzle Builder for any word list? I am sure I was heading that way but Rosetta Challenge may have been a distraction. I did work from a Word List of QB64 Command words. Update: Oh I had started an Editor for Word Search but like Ken said it's too much mental manipulation.

Then again if you have all the Elements, you have everything!

Still could under go some refinements like find the longest word and limit the puzzle square side to that length or some formula using that length and/or number of words on list, fix some print alignments and a non flashing found word signal... I don't think we ever finish a good project.

BTW I did employ some ASC in the Match function, I do remember Steve pointed out long ago the speed advantage over strings.

@Richard Frost  I hope you post your old or updated to cross pollinate ideas and features, now that we've each tried it and updated? our own code, it's good to compare - what forums are for IMHO.
QB64 Discussion / Re: _DEVICES and joystick glitched?
« Last post by SMcNeill on Today at 05:19:49 AM »

STICK uses 127 as center, with values of 1 TO 254.

(1 TO 126)    127    (128 TO 254)

This gives 126 points of negative variance, and 127 points of positive variance off-center.  Now WHY these two scales aren’t the same, I have no clue, but that’s just the way they are.

_DEVICES returns SINGLE precision values from -1 TO +1, with 0 being centered, but it’s so sensitive it generates false positives if you just want to check for values <>0 as being off center.  You’ll need to code a tolerance level into your programs to avoid those false results.
Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by Richard Frost on Today at 04:31:48 AM »
I didn't realize you'd written your own puzzle maker. Thought you were using and maybe modifying
mine.  I see our focus is different - you've created something for immediate use while my objective
was to fit as much as possible into a smaller grid, and create a file suitable for printing. 

Yours has room at the bottom to summarize the properties of the element, and to say if WalMart sells
it.  And draw pictures - clouds of green for krypton, a dead cat for arsenic, a flying Hindenberg
for hydrogen, etc. 

Wow, yours is 341 active (not blank or comment) lines AND HAS NO GOTOs!  Mine has 4.  Foo yuck.

Jolly fun stupf.
Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by bplus on Today at 01:41:03 AM »
Also thanks for making this, now anyone can make as many word searches as they wish, forever. :)

That's the idea :) glad you liked, the beauty is you can also modify...
Programs / Re: Having Fun With Water Waves Again
« Last post by bplus on Today at 01:38:53 AM »
OK try again, a little drama to the calm scene :)
QB64 Discussion / Re: _DEVICES and joystick glitched?
« Last post by NOVARSEG on Today at 01:34:11 AM »
From :

Works with my USB gamepad, without any issues, which confuses the heck out of me.  The glitch my controller reports is always around a 0.0078... range of variance off center.  STICK offers a range from 1 to 254, with 127 being center, giving us 127 levels of precision in any direction.  1/127 is 0.0078... The variance _DEVICES reports is *exactly* the same amount as 1 level off on STICK — yet, it’s not going off center

 -128 is the signed byte value for joystick center

STICK offer a range of 1 to 254

I don't know why that is the range, it should be 1 to  255 because 1 is interpreted as 1 and 255 is interpreted as -1

There would be 127 increments on either side of joystick center * 2 = 254 increments with each increment using a state.

One state is zero (illegal)

The other state is used by the center value of -128 for a total of 256 states

Could STICK be thinking that 127 was center?

your controller  says 127 which is one increment past the actual center of -128.  So is STICK thinking that 127 is center and accepts the glitched value?

Whereas _DEVICES shows the error.

Programs / Re: Word Search Puzzle Builder
« Last post by SierraKen on Today at 12:55:51 AM »
Also thanks for making this, now anyone can make as many word searches as they wish, forever. :)
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