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The semicolon is used in a PRINT statement to stop the screen print cursor immediately after the printed value.

Usage: COLOR 13: PRINT "Value ="; value1; value2; value3

1234 5678 9012

  • Positive numerical values printed will include a space before and after each value printed. Strings will not have spacing.
  • Use the WRITE statement to print values with only commas between the values and no spacing.
  • A semicolon can append the next print when used at the end of a PRINT statement.
  • Use a semicolon after text that will be printed on the last two text rows of a screen mode to prevent screen rolling.
  • INPUT statements can use the semicolon before the text to prevent screen rolling. INPUT ; "text or question"; variable.
  • A semicolon after the text will create a question mark and space after the INPUT text question. Use a comma for statements.
  • NOTE: Semicolons can NOT be used to combine string variables in a string variable definition!
  • Use the + concatenation operator to combine string variable definition values only!
  • Semicolons cannot be used in or following a WRITE statement!

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