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The _SETBIT function is used to set a specified bit of a numerical value to 1 (on state).


result = _SETBIT(numericalVariable, numericalValue)


  • numericalVariable is the variable to set the bit of and can be of the following types: _BYTE, INTEGER, LONG, or _INTEGER64.
  • Integer values can be signed or _UNSIGNED.
  • numericalValue the number of the bit to be set.


  • Can be used to manually manipulate individual bits of an integer value by setting them to 1 (on state).
  • Setting a bit that is already set to 1 will have no effect.
  • Bits start at 0 (so a _BYTE has bits 0 to 7, INTEGER 0 to 15, and so on)


  • Version 1.4 and up.


Example 1:

A~%% = 0 '_UNSIGNED _BYTE PRINT A~%% A~%% = _SETBIT(A~%%,6) 'set the seventh bit of A~%% PRINT A~%%

0 64

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