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The SCREEN function returns the ASCII code of a text character or the color attribute at a set text location on the screen.

Syntax: code% = SCREEN (row, column [, {0|1}])

  • Row and column are the text coordinates of the SCREEN mode used.
  • Colorflag omitted or with a value of 0 returns the ASCII code of a character at the position designated.
  • When Colorflag is greater than 0, the function returns the color attribute used.
  • Color values returned may not be correct in screen modes other than SCREEN 0.

Example: Reading the ASCII code of a character, then the color used.

row = 10: column = 10
COLOR 9: LOCATE row, column: PRINT "Hello"
code% = SCREEN(row, column, 0) ' character code return
attrib% = SCREEN(row, column, 1) ' character color return
COLOR 14: LOCATE 20, 35: PRINT "ASCII:"; code%, "COLOR ="; attrib%

Screen results:

Normal text Hello ASCII: 76 COLOR: 9

See also: PRINT, SCREEN (statement), COLOR, CHR$, POINT, CSRLIN, POS


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