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The OR coditional operator adds an alternative in a IF...THEN or Boolean statement.

  • OR adds an alternative to another conditional evaluation. IF True then the statement evaluation is True.
  • Parenthesis may be used to clarify an evaluation.
  • Can be confused with the OR numerical operator.

Relational Operators:
Symbol Condition Example Usage
<  Less than  IF a < b THEN
>  Greater than  IF a > b THEN
=  Equal  IF a = b THEN
<=  Less than or equal  IF a <= b THEN
>=  Greater than or equal  IF a >= b THEN
<>  NOT equal  IF a <> b THEN


a% = 100 b% = 50 IF (a% > b% AND a% < 100) OR b% = 50 THEN PRINT "True"


Explanation: The first evaluation was False, but the OR evaluation made the statement true and the code was executed.

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