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INTEGER is a 2-byte number type definition that can hold whole numerical values.



  • Integers do not use decimal point values but will round those off to the nearest even whole number.
  • QBasic integer values can range from -32768 to 32767 without an "overflow" error.
  • For larger integer values use the LONG integer type.
  • QB64 INTEGER values greater than 32767 become negative signed values instead of throwing an "overflow" error, as the top bit designates a negative value. See example 1 below.
  • QB64 _UNSIGNED integers can range from 0 to 65535.
  • QB64 _UNSIGNED _INTEGER64 values range from 0 to 18446744073709551615
  • Many graphic programs require INTEGER arrays.
  • Variable type suffix is % or ~% for _UNSIGNED. Suffix can also be placed after a literal or hexadecimal numerical value.
  • LONG integers use the & suffix and _INTEGER64 use the && suffix.
  • Values can be converted to 2 byte ASCII string values using MKI$ and back with CVI.
  • When a variable has not been defined or has no type suffix, the value defaults to SINGLE.
  • Warning: QBasic keyword names cannot be used as numerical variable names with or without the type suffix.


Example 1: QBasic signed integers were limited from -32768 to 32767, but could not exceed 32767 or it would error:

DO: _LIMIT 2000 i% = i% + 1 PRINT i% LOOP UNTIL i% = 0

Explanation: In QB64 the count will go to 32767, then count up from -32768 to 0 before repeating the process without error.

Example 2: When a signed QB64 INTEGER value exceeds 32767, the value may become a negative value:

i% = 38000 PRINT i%


Explanation: Use an _UNSIGNED INTEGER or a ~% variable type suffix for only positive integer values up to 65535.

Example 3: In QB64 _UNSIGNED INTEGER values greater than 65535 cycle over again from zero:

i~% = 70000 PRINT i~%


Explanation: In QB64 an unsigned integer value of 65536 would be 0 with values increasing by the value minus 65536.

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