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The _CONTROLCHR statement can be used to turn OFF control character attributes and allow them to be printed.




  • The OFF clause allows control characters 0 to 31 to be printed and not format printing as normal text characters.
For example: PRINT CHR$(13) 'will not move the cursor to the next line and PRINT CHR$(9) 'will not tab.
  • The default ON statement allows Control Characters to be used as control commands where some will not print or will format prints.
  • Note: File prints may be affected also when using Carriage Return or Line Feed/Form Feed formatting.
  • The QB64 IDE may allow Alt + number pad character entries, but they must be inside of STRING values. Otherwise the IDE may not recognize them.


Example: Printing the 255 ASCII characters in SCREEN 0 with 32 colors.

DIM i AS _UNSIGNED _BYTE WIDTH 40, 25 CLS _CONTROLCHR OFF i = 0 DO PRINT CHR$(i); i = i + 1 IF (i AND &HF) = 0 THEN PRINT LOOP WHILE i LOCATE 1, 20 DO COLOR i AND &HF OR (i AND &H80) \ &H8, (i AND &H70) \ &H10 PRINT CHR$(i); i = i + 1 IF (i AND &HF) = 0 THEN LOCATE 1 + i \ &H10, 20 LOOP WHILE i END

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