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The _CLEARCOLOR function returns the current transparent color of an image or page.


result& = _CLEARCOLOR [Source_Handle&]


  • If Source_Handle& is omitted, it is assumed to be the current destination write page.
  • If Source_Handle& is an invalid handle value(-1), then an invalid handle value is returned.
  • In color modes using a palette, the index of the current transparent color value is returned, or -1 if no transparent color is set.
  • In 32-bit color modes, zero is returned.
  • Returns the color that currently is transparent, or if no color is transparent -1 without error.
  • A _CLEARCOLOR statement can set the transparent color of an image or screen.
  • NOTE: Default 32 bit backgrounds are clear black or _RGBA(0, 0, 0, 0). Use CLS to make the black opaque.

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