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TO indicates a range of numerical values or an assignment of one value to another.


DIM array(1 TO 100)
FOR i = 1 TO 10
_MAPUNICODE unicode TO asciicode
_SETALPHA alpha%, c1& TO c2&

  • To specify a range in the CASE clause of a SELECT CASE statement.
  • To specify the range for the loop counter in a FOR...NEXT loop.
  • Array dimensions can be set to have a range of element numbers with TO.
  • Specifies an ASCII character code to set with _MAPUNICODE.
  • Specifies a range of color values to set the transparencies with _SETALPHA.
  • To specify a range of records to lock or unlock in a networked environment, in the LOCK...UNLOCK statement.
  • To separate the lower and upper bounds of an array specification in a DIM or REDIM statement.

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