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SLEEP pauses the program indefinitely or for a specified number of seconds, program is unpaused when the user presses a key or when the specified number of seconds has passed.


SLEEP [seconds]

  • Seconds are an optional INTEGER value. If there is no parameter, then it waits for a keypress.
  • Any user keypress will abort the SLEEP time.
  • SLEEP does NOT clear the keyboard buffer so it can affect INKEY$, INPUT, INPUT$ and LINE INPUT reads.
  • Use an INKEY$ keyboard buffer clearing loop when an empty keyboard buffer is necessary.
  • SLEEP allows other programs to share the processor time during the interval.


CLS PRINT "Press a key..." SLEEP PRINT "You pressed a key, now wait for 2 seconds." SLEEP 2 PRINT "You've waited for 2 seconds." PRINT "(or you pressed a key)"

Press a key... You pressed a key, now wait for 2 seconds. You've waited for 2 seconds. (or you pressed a key)

Explanation: SLEEP without any arguments waits until a key is pressed, next SLEEP statement uses the argument 2 which means that it will wait for 2 seconds, any number of seconds can be specified.

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