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NEXT is used in a FOR counter loop to progress through the loop count.


FOR counterVariable = startValue TO stopValue [STEP increment]
NEXT [counterVariable]


  • NEXT is required in a FOR loop or a "FOR without NEXT" error will occur.
  • The FOR variable name is not required after NEXT.
  • NEXT can be grouped with other NEXTs in nested FOR loops using colons like NEXT: NEXT
  • NEXT can also end more than one nested FOR loop using comma separated variables like NEXT j, i
  • NEXT increases the FOR loop count, so after the loop is over the counterVariable's value will be stopValue + 1 (or stopValue + increment).
  • NEXT is also used with the RESUME statement.


Example: Finding the FOR variable value AFTER a simple counter loop to 10.

FOR i = 1 TO 10 PRINT i; NEXT i PRINT "AFTER the LOOP, NEXT makes the value of i ="; i

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 AFTER the LOOP, NEXT makes the value of i = 11

Result: The last value of i = 11 although FOR only looped 10 times. Only use the count values while inside of the loop or compensate for this behavior in your code.

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