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The VARPTR function returns an INTEGER value that is the offset part of the variable or array memory address within it's segment.


offset% = VARPTR(variable_name[(reference_index%)])

  • If variablename is not defined before VARPTR or VARSEG is called, the variable is created and it's address is returned.
  • Reference index is used to set the offset address of an array index, not necessarily the lowest index.
  • When a string variable, VARPTR returns the offset address location of the first byte of the string.
  • Because many QBasic statements change the locations of variables in memory, use the values returned by VARPTR and VARSEG immediately after the functions are used!
  • Integer array sizes are limited to 32767 elements when using VARPTR in QB and QB64!. Create a larger array using _BYTE. Example: DIM SHARED Memory (65535) AS _UNSIGNED _BYTE
  • Warning: DEF SEG, VARSEG , VARPTR, PEEK or POKE access QB64's emulated 16 bit conventional memory block!
It is highly recommended that QB64's _MEM memory system be used to avoid running out of memory.

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