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The LPOS function returns the current LPT printer head position.


result% = LPOS(index%)


  • index% is the index of the printer, which can have the following values:
    • 0 - LPT1:
    • 1 - LPT1:
    • 2 - LPT2:
    • 3 - LPT3:
  • The LPOS function does not necessarily give the physical position of the print head because it does not expand tab characters. In addition, some printers may buffer characters.


Prompts the user for team names and the names of players on each team. It then prints the players and their teams on the printer.

CLS LPRINT "Team Members"; TAB(76); "TEAM" : LPRINT INPUT "How many teams"; TEAMS INPUT "How many players per team";PPT PRINT FOR T = 1 TO TEAMS INPUT "Team name: ", TEAM$ FOR P = 1 TO PPT INPUT " Enter player name: ", PLAYER$ LPRINT PLAYER$; IF P < PPT THEN IF LPOS(0) > 55 THEN ' Print a new line if print head past column 55. LPRINT : LPRINT SPACE$(5); ELSE LPRINT ", "; 'Otherwise, print a comma. END IF END IF NEXT P LPRINT STRING$(80 - LPOS(0) - LEN(TEAM$),"."); TEAM$ NEXT T

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