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The _FREEIMAGE statement releases the designated file image created by the _LOADIMAGE, _NEWIMAGE or _COPYIMAGE functions from memory when they are no longer needed.


_FREEIMAGE [handle&]


  • If handle& is omitted, the current destination image is freed from memory.
  • Freeing the destination image or source image will result in the display page being selected instead.
  • Invalid image handle values of -1 or 0 cannot be freed or an "Illegal Function" error will occur. Check the handle value first.
  • SCREEN modes in use cannot be freed or an "Illegal Function" error will occur. Change SCREEN modes before freeing.
  • Once a specific image handle is no longer used or referenced by your program, it can be freed with _FREEIMAGE.
  • Images are not deallocated when the SUB or FUNCTION they are created in ends. Free them with _FREEIMAGE.
  • It is important to free unused or unneeded images with _FREEIMAGE to prevent memory overflow errors.
  • Do not try to free image handles currently being used as the active SCREEN. Change screen modes first.


Example: Loading a program splash screen and freeing image when no longer necessary:

s& = _LOADIMAGE("SPLASH.BMP",32) 'load 32 bit(24 BPP) image IF s& < -1 THEN SCREEN s& 'use image as a 32 bit SCREEN _DELAY 6 'display splash screen for 6 seconds SCREEN 0 'MUST change screen mode before freeing a SCREEN image! IF s& < -1 THEN _FREEIMAGE s& 'handle value MUST be less than -1 or error! CLS

Note: A valid image file name must be used by _LOADIMAGE or the invalid handle memory value will not need to be freed.

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