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QB64 Compiler Errors: To troubleshoot compiler errors try this: recompile scripts
Please report any Operating System or Compiler errors or failures you cannot fix here.

It's a good idea to exclude "QB64.exe" from any real-time anti-virus scanning to prevent IDE Module Errors!

The following table describes the error codes that are reported by the QB64 compiler, as well as possible causes and solutions:

QB/64 Error Codes
Code Description Common cause/Resolution QB64 Differences
1 NEXT without FOR Missing loop end or look for a missing END IF or END SELECT statement. none
2 Syntax error Mistyped keyword statements or puctuation errors can create syntax errors. none
3 RETURN without GOSUB Place sub-procedure line label after program END or EXIT in a SUB-procedure. none
4 Out of DATA A READ has read past the end of DATA. Use RESTORE to reset to data start. . none
5 Illegal function call A parameter passed does not match the function type or exceeds certain function limitations. See Illegal Function. none
6 Overflow A numerical value has exceeded the limitations of a variable type. none
7 Out of memory A module has exceeded the 64K memory limitation of QB. Try breaking the code up to smaller modules. no limit
8 Label not defined GOTO or GOSUB tries to branch to a label that doesn't exist. none
9 Subscript out of range An array's upper or lower dimensioned boundary has been exceeded. none
10 Duplicate definition You can't define a variable twice with DIM, the first time a variable is used it is also defined. none
11 Division by zero You cannot divide any value by zero! Even using MOD. none
12 Illegal in direct mode A statement (like DIM) in the Immediate window wasn't allowed. N/A
13 Type mismatch A SUB or FUNCTION parameter does not match the procedure Declaration. none
14 Out of string space A module has exceeded the 32767 text character limit. Use SUB print procedures. no limit.
16 String formula too complex. A string formula was too long or INPUT statement requested more than 15 strings N/A
17 Cannot continue. The program while debugging has changed in a way that it cannot continue. no debug
18 Function not defined. The function used by the program must be defined. Did you include the .bi file while using a library? none
19 No RESUME. Use RESUME at the end of the ON ERROR GOTO routine, not RETURN. none
20 RESUME without error. RESUME can only be used in an error handler called by ON ERROR GOTO. none
24 Device timeout. Use DS0 (DSzero)in the OPEN COM statement to avoid modem timeouts. none
25 Device fault. Device not connected or does not exist. none
26 FOR without NEXT. Missing loop end or look for a missing END IF or END SELECT statement. none
27 Out of paper A printer paper error when using LPRINT. none
29 WHILE without WEND. WEND must end a WHILE loop. Otherwise look for missing END IF or END SELECT none
30 WEND without WHILE Missing loop end or look for a missing END IF or END SELECT statement. none
33 Duplicate label Line numbers or labels cannot be used twice in a procedure. none
35 Subprogram not defined. Often occurs when the Quickbasic Library is not used with CALL ABSOLUTE or INTERRUPT or a SUB or FUNCTION procedure has not been created for a CALL. none
37 Argument-count mismatch The number of sub-procedure parameters do not match the call. none
38 Array not defined Arrays using more than 10 elements must be DIMensioned. none
40 Variable required. LEN cannot read literal numerical values. A GET or PUT statement must specify a variable when reading or writing a file opened in BINARY mode. none
50 FIELD overflow. A FIELD statement tried to allocate more bytes than were specified for the record length of a random access file. none
51 Internal error. An internal malfunction occured in QuickBASIC or QB64. none
52 Bad file name or number. The filename must follow the rules for filenames in the OS and use filenumbers from 1 and 255. Use FREEFILE to avoid duplicate OPEN file numbers. none
53 File not found. File not in current directory or path. Use _FILEEXISTS to verify file names. none
54 Bad file mode. File access mode does not match a current OPEN file procedure. none
55 File already open. CLOSE a file to open it in a different mode. none
56 FIELD statement active. WRITEME N/A
57 Device I/O error. WRITEME N/A
58 File already exists. The filename specified in the NAME statement was identical to a file that already exists. none
59 Bad record length. Record length exceeds 32767 bytes or is 0 none
61 Disk full. The amount of data to write to the disk was more than the free space available, remove some files you don't need and try again. none
62 Input past end of file. Check for the end of file with EOF when reading from a file. none
63 Bad record number. GET read exceeds number of records in a RANDOM file. none
64 Bad file name File name contains illegal characters or exceeds 12 characters. none
67 Too many files Over 15 files are open in Qbasic. none
68 Device unavailable. Device does not exist, busy or not connected. none
69 Communication-buffer overflow. WRITEME N/A
70 Permission denied A file or port is in use on a network, blocked, read only or locked. none
71 Disk not ready. Disk is busy or has no media. none
72 Disk-media error. Improper media format or bad data. none
73 Feature unavailable. Based on the DOS version available. none
74 Rename across disks. WRITEME N/A
75 Path/File access error. File or path cannot be accessed. none
76 Path not found. Path is not access-able or does not exist. Use _DIREXISTS to check paths. none
97 (no error message) Can be used to trigger an error trap event with ERROR 97, nothing else will cause this error, so create your own errors for ON ERROR. none
N/A means Not Available or Not Applicable to QB64.

QB64 Error Codes
Code Description Common cause/resolution QB Differences
258 Invalid handle Zero or bad handle values cannot be used by the QB64 procedure creating the error. N/A

Other Errors

  • Syntax errors: QB64 will display most statement syntax and parameter errors in the Status area below the editing area in the IDE. It may also show missing brackets or other syntax punctuation required. Check the keyword's syntax when necessary!

  • CPU Memory errors can be created when QB64 loads too many images at one time using _LOADIMAGE or _NEWIMAGE without freeing them. Use _FREEIMAGE to free unused handles. Also may be caused by continually running loops.

  • Parameter Type Mismatch: Qbasic's IDE may add DEF statements before any SUB or FUNCTION. QB64(like QB) will change all variable types in subsequent sub-procedures to that default variable type without giving a "Parameter Type Mismatch" warning or adding the proper DEF statement to subsequent procedures! If you do not want that to occur, either remove that DEF statement or add the proper DEF type statements to subsequent procedures. May also affect $INCLUDE procedures!

See also

  • ERROR (simulates error), ERR (QB error code number), ERL (closest line number when line numbers are used)
  • ON ERROR (calls error handing routine using GOTO only), _ERRORLINE (actual QB64 text code line)

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