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The _DIREXISTS function determines if a designated file path or folder exists and returns true (-1) or false (0).


dirExists% = _DIREXISTS(filepath$)


  • The filepath$ parameter can be a literal or variable string path value.
  • The function returns -1 when a path or folder exists and 0 when it does not.
  • The function reads the system information directly without using a SHELL procedure.
  • The function will use the appropriate Operating System path separators. _OS$ can determine the operating system.
  • This function does not guarantee that a path can be accessed, only that it exists.
  • NOTE: Checking if a folder exists in a CD drive may cause the tray to open automatically to request a disk when empty.


Example: Checks if a folder exists before proceeding.

IF _DIREXISTS("internal\temp") THEN PRINT "Folder found." END IF

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