Event-driven QB64 programs

InForm’s main goal is to generate event-driven QB64 applications. This means that you design a graphical user interface with interactive controls and then write the code to respond to such controls once they are manipulated.


Wiki: https://github.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/wiki

After your form looks the way you want it to, click File -> Save to export its contents and generate a .bas source file. Three files are output:

  • ​.frmbin
    the binary form that can be later edited.
  • .frm
    a representation of the generated form in QB64 code. This can be edited in QB64 or any text editor later, if you want to adjust fine details.
  • .bas
    the actual program you will add your code to.

You add code to respond to events:

  • Click
  • MouseEnter/MouseLeave (hover)
  • FocusIn/FocusOut
  • MouseDown/MouseUp (events preceding a Click)
  • KeyPress
  • TextChanged (for text box controls)
  • ValueChanged (for track bars, lists and dropdown lists)

There are also events that occur in specific moments, to which you can respond/add code:

  • BeforeInit, triggered just before the form is shown.
  • OnLoad, triggered right after the form is first shown.
  • BeforeUpdateDisplay, triggered everytime the form is about to be repainted.
  • BeforeUnload, triggered when the user tries to close the program, either via clicking the window’s X button, right click in the task bar -> Close or with Alt+F4 (Windows only).